OREANDA-NEWS. The President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko said that Moscow and Minsk had agreed not to break the agreement on the Union State and to develop integration step by step. Earlier he discussed this matter with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

If we do, everything that was created during recent time will be destroyed, the Belarusian leader stressed. He also called the Treaty on the Union State topical. According to him, the treaty has not yet been fully implemented. He noted that a question of making one country a part of another is not actual, since there is “no need of it”.

At the same time Lukashenko has some grievance against Russian side. “Nowadays it is reported to me that there is nothing but promises. The negotiating group met some question, the Russian government, including Prime Minister Medvedev, promised to give all the orders and instructions to solve problems in a complex… They promised, and they forgot,” Belarusian President said.

In January Lukashenko called conversations about unification with Russia foolish and far-fetched, for it is not implied by the agreement on the creation of the Union State.

In early July, Putin announced that on July 18, he would hold talks in St. Petersburg with Lukashenko on integration issues. According to the Russian leader, numerous events dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the Union State are held this year. Putin said that Russia is ready to the further development of close integration with Belarusian partners.