OREANDA-NEWS. The training exercises of the Russian army are taking place in Tajikistan against the background of the unstable situation in Afghanistan after the seizure of the country by the militants of the Islamist radical group «Taliban». Electronic missile launches were made from the C-300 long-range air defense system at five air targets of a conditional enemy, the press service of the Central Military District of the Russian Federation reported on Monday, August 30.

About 100 servicemen were involved in these maneuvers. They worked out the standards for reloading the air defense system and equipping combat positions, and also repelled the attack of conditional sabotage and reconnaissance groups, the statement says.

Earlier in the day, the Central Military District reported on Russian military training exercises at the Sambuli training ground in the mountains of Tajikistan, in which about 500 servicemen of motorized rifle units of the Russian military base participate. «Tactical exercises are held as part of combat training both during the day and at night», the leadership of the Central Military District indicated. In the area of the mountain range, the military personnel are working out issues of interaction and control signals, the statement says.

In addition, military exercises «Rubezh-2021» will be held in Kyrgyzstan on September 7-9, during which it is planned to work out the destruction of illegal armed groups that have invaded the territory of a state party to the Collective Security Treaty Organization, Russian media «Interfax» writes.