OREANDA-NEWS. The Russian Federation is ready to offer Peru a number of military transport aircraft instead of the Ukrainian An-178, as a representative of the field of military-technical cooperation between countries announced.

He explained that Russia can deliver both updated versions of the heavy aircraft Il-76, and the newest medium Il-112, there are other options depending on the mutual arrangement.

Earlier in 2019 the capital of Peru signed a contract with Ukraine for the delivery of the first aircraft in 2021. But, according to this unnamed representative, however, today the plane is only 40% ready, since there are problems with supplies from the Russian Federation and there are no Russian components for it as a result," he said.

At the signing of Peruvian-Ukrainian contract a year ago a representative of the Ukrainian company deliberately misinformed the Peruvian side, promising that there would be no problems with Russian elements. The Ukrainian side then announced its readiness to build an aircraft without the use of Russian elements through broader cooperation with European and American partners. But evidentally they had some problems with this aspect, as time has shown.

As a result, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Peru suspended the contract for the purchase of Ukrainian aircraft for the national police, because the realization of this contract is estimated as unlikely.