OREANDA-NEWS. Russian State Duma deputy from Crimea Ruslan Balbek commented on the statement of the Speaker of the Estonian parliament, Henn Polluaas, about territorial claims against Moscow. Earlier, Estonian politician stated that the Tartu Peace Treaty between Estonia and the USSR is still valid nowadays.

“Today’s borders between Russia and Estonia are recognized by the whole world and are reflected on topographic maps accordingly. In such serious areas, the principle “let’s change the borders” is unacceptable and, bluntly speaking, quite dangerous,” Balbek said to the journalists of Izvestia newspaper on January 2.

He noted that Estonia did not show a desire to change the borders when the USSR collapsed in 1991. Therefore, making claims against Russia after a quarter of a century is an ill-considered step. According to the State Duma deputy, such discussions do not contribute to the stabilization of Russian-Estonian relations.