OREANDA-NEWS. The speech of US President Joe Biden on Russia was generally predictable, the States are trying to use the carrot and stick policy, but there are also positive aspects in this, as countries are trying to get off the ground. This opinion was expressed to RIA Novosti by a senior researcher at the Institute of the USA and Canada Pavel Koshkin.

The day before, Biden said that in a telephone conversation with Putin, he expressed concern about the buildup of military power by Russia on the border with Ukraine and Crimea, and also confirmed Washington's support for the territorial integrity of Ukraine. According to him, he told the Russian leader that he decided not to go too far with the sanctions, "although he could have done it." Biden spoke of the importance of personal communication with Putin. According to him, the United States and Russia can work together to respond to global challenges.

The expert said on this occasion: “Everything was so predictable - it made me happy, like a balm on the ears, that he recognized Russia as a great power with which to conduct a dialogue. Such a carrot and stick policy.” According to him, this is how the United States understands pragmatism - "we talk on some issues and we swear very strongly on other issues."

As for the relations between the US and the Russian Federation, "they are in a terrible state, but there are positive aspects," the expert said. "Most likely, the summit will take place. Russia will not abandon the summit because it is interested in this issue. The United States will continue to combine this carrot-and-stick policy - a conversation from a position of strength, from a position of compromise. This is, rather, a positive trend, because there used to be worse. Now we, at least, will try to get off the ground. There is a constructive agenda - telephone conversations, meetings, including a possible summit, "the expert said.