OREANDA-NEWS. Sergey Lavrov, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, said that accusation of unwillingness to investigate the situation with opposition politician Aleksey Navalny is a lie.

“We are accused of not investigating this situation. It is not true. Starting from the same day when all this happened, our Ministry of Internal Affairs launched a pre-investigation check. And the investigation can begin when it is established what happened. It is not yet clear, since German doctors cannot convey the relevant information to us,” Lavrov said during his traditional speech on September 1 in front of freshmen of the Moscow State University of International Relations.

The Minister recalled that during the time when Navalny was in the Omsk hospital, physicians and authorities were accused of trying to hide information about what happened to him. “Well, finally, a week passed since he [Navalny. – Ed.] has been in Germany. German doctors do not give any information either. […] But for some reason, no one puts forward any demands to them, no one condemn them for trying to hide the truth,” Lavrov said.