OREANDA-NEWS. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia called the accusations against Omsk doctors about alleged attempts to “hide the truth” about the opposition politician Aleksey Navalny’s condition “deeply offensive.”

The agency stressed that the staff of the Omsk emergency hospital No. 1 immediately provided assistance to Navalny. The team of German doctors, who arrived in Omsk to transport the patient to the Berlin clinic, was given the complete medical history. In addition, the Ministry called on German physicians to prevent the use of laboratory research results for politicized purposes.

Russian diplomats also commented on the statements of the American side saying that if the version of the poisoning of Navalny is confirmed, the US will take tough measures. “Drawing attention of the interlocutor to the inadmissibility of unfounded accusations, we stressed that the Russian leadership stands for the most thorough and most objective investigation of the incident,” a representative of the Foreign Ministry said.