OREANDA-NEWS. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia considers the decision of the German authorities to expel two employees of the Russian embassy in Berlin to be an unfriendly and baseless measure. The agency noted that in connection with it, Moscow will be forced to implement response measures.

“A politicized approach to investigative issues is unacceptable,” the Ministry said, commenting on a statement of German colleagues that two Russian diplomats would be expelled from Germany in connection with an investigation into the murder of a Georgian citizen in Berlin.

Germany declared the two employees of the Russian embassy personae non grata on the afternoon of December 4. The diplomats will be deported from the country. The German Foreign Ministry explained that this decision was made upon the investigation into the murder of a Georgian citizen in the German capital. The agency said that there is sufficient reason to consider that the murder could have been ordered by government agencies of Russia or Chechen Republic.

A Georgian citizen was shot dead in Moabit (Berlin) in August. The suspect is a 49 year old Russian, he was detained by police. According to law enforcement agencies, a Russian citizen, riding a bicycle, shot Zelimkhan Khangoshvili.

In a joint investigation of Der Spiegel, The Insider and international investigation team Bellingcat, the murder suspect was linked to Russian intelligence services, it was said that the person killed worked in the anti-terror department of the Georgian Interior Ministry before moving to Germany. Investigators supposed a connection between this murder and the operation of Georgian special forces in Caucasus gorge of Lopota in 2012.