OREANDA-NEWS. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, instead of uniting the country and its multinational people, throws a stone of discord at people, finishing off Ukraine, said the official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova.

Earlier, Zelensky said that it is a "big mistake" to stay in Donbass for those who consider themselves Russians, and suggested to those who love the Russian Federation and want the region to join it, "to look for a place in Russia." He also advised those who feel like Ukrainians to stay there, as this land "will be de-occupied anyway."

“Instead of uniting Ukraine and its multinational people, Zelensky is throwing a stone of discord at the people, finishing off the country. in order to fulfill his main promise of peace, the president is trying to get rid of his voters as unnecessary witnesses to his unfulfilled promise, "Zakharova wrote on the Telegram channel.

"For what and how to hold on to the indigenous people, if the Kiev regime sells this land to foreigners?" she wondered.

For several years, the Ukrainian authorities have been dragging the entire country into the EU and NATO, Zakharova noted. "So why is Zelensky now indignant that a significant part of this very country and people, realizing that no one asked them, but still packed up for sale, consider it possible to determine the vector and format of the movement themselves?" - she wrote.

“If one can say 'we are in NATO', then others can say anything at all: at least to ASEAN, at least to the League of Arab States or the African Union. The Kiev authorities started this game. If those who feel like Russians, Zelensky suggests leaving , then you have to be honest to the end and offer something similar to those who are eager to join the EU and NATO, "Zakharova said.

Repeating the theses about the fight against the mythical occupation, Zelensky is leading the case towards a real surrender of Ukraine's sovereignty, Zakharova emphasized. “Membership in the EU and NATO means exactly that,” she said.