OREANDA-NEWS. Russian police officers brought the head of the human rights organization Stitching Justice Initiative, US citizen, Vanessa Kogan, to the department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. A protocol was drawn up against Kogan on the violation of the rules for the stay of foreigners in Russia. The human rights activist was taken to the Koptevsky District Court.

Earlier, Kogan has submitted documents from the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR), which decided to suspend her expulsion from Russia. Kogan also provided a response from the Ministry of Internal Affairs that the agency is aware of the refraining from taking expulsion measures.

Since December 2019, Stitching Justice Initiative has been on the Russian list of foreign agents. For the last 11 years, Kogan has been living in Russia; her two children are citizens of Russia. On December 2, she was denied Russian citizenship and her residence permit was revoked. On December 11, the ECHR decided to suspend her expulsion.