OREANDA-NEWS. Prime Minister of Russia, Mikhail Mishustin, commenting on the situation with oligarchs, said that he is glad when someone gets rich, but it is important that this person pays taxes.

“As for the oligarchs mentioned by you. Wealthy people. We can argue a lot about to whom and how the accumulated capital should be transferred, or discuss the issues of nationalization. But we all understand that it is very important that if someone gets richer, the share that should be transferred to the people, the taxes that are established by our laws… they should be honestly paid. And here the order has been restored, everything is transparent here,” Mishustin said during his speech in the State Duma. “I am glad when someone gets richer for only one simple reason, which means that the region’s treasury, the state’s treasury receives much-needed resources and funds for further development,” the politician added.

According to the Prime Minister, a number of important laws and decisions in this sphere have been adopted. Mishustin also said that he considers restrictions on the withdrawal of capital from Russia to be one of the most important of such measures.