OREANDA-NEWS. Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, commenting numerous actions of political protest in the country, stated in an interview with Russian television channels that there is a “strong request for justice” in the society.

“This request resulted in various actions among other things. Probably, in itself it is perfectly natural. There is only one problem: we are well aware that it is impossible to solve such problems on social networks or on the squares. Everybody can state his opinion, it’s perfectly natural, but people need to state their opinion in the manner prescribed by the current rules,” the politician said.

Responding to a remark of the presenter, who recalled the protests in Moscow after the arrests of journalist Ivan Golunov and actor Pavel Ustinov, Medvedev said that he observed the development of events around those cases and admitted the possibility of existence of “by-products of the law enforcement system”. “In each case… we just need to examine it thoroughly. There is no abstract justice, it is absolutely concrete,” the prime minister stated.

At the same time, he emphasized that the rules for holding mass actions must be respected regardless of whether a person likes them or not. “Otherwise, we may come to very dangerous situations, which in our country may… turn into a great problem. The fact that there are “yellow vests” in France may theoretically turn here into a rebellion, “senseless and pitiless”. And the government should think about it,” Medvedev concluded.

He also noted that “legally permitted activity” is not only acceptable, but necessary, since the state must detect public mood.