OREANDA-NEWS. Russian Senator Alexei Pushkov explained why Western countries cannot lift the anti-Russian sanctions imposed.

The parliamentarian noted that the current situation in international relations does not suit either the United States and the EU, which cannot come to terms with the independent Russian policy and its role in the world, or Moscow, since the restrictive measures have a negative impact on the country's economy. But, according to the politician, both opposing sides cannot change anything without risking igniting a military conflict.

At the same time, in the opinion of the Russian politician, the contradictions between the Western countries and Russia "are already obscuring basic values and acquiring a civilizational character."

Alexey Pushkov wrote in his Telegram that "in this situation, the West simply cannot" offer "anything to Russia and its elite, except to start lifting the sanctions, that is, in fact, agree with the reunification of Russia with Crimea and refuse the current open support of Kiev. The West also cannot abandon the chosen course towards Russia, since too many resources, including political, ideological, and related to the NATO line, have already been invested in the confrontation with Russia. "

Pushkov compared the current situation with the mythical "Gordian knot" and noted that in the modern Western world he does not see political figures who could "reconsider the established but dead-end paradigm."