OREANDA-NEWS. Alexander Mikhailov, the ex-governor of the Kursk region, the member of Council of the Federation of Russia, lodged to the Investigative Committee of Russia a complaint about the parody videos of Anton Sasin, a former member of the Prima team which performed in KVN (Club of the Funny and Inventive People), popular Russian humour TV show.

“Now the inspection is held, as I understand it. Naturally, I appealed to my friends who are the lawyers, there is a video message in my YouTube channel. A lot of people responded. We are waiting for the results of inspection”, Sasin said.

In an appeal published on September 20, Sasin said that recently he was called to the Committee following a statement by Mikhailov “in order to begin criminal proceedings for a humorous blog.” In the interview with Kurskie Izvestiya newspaper the blogger explained that earlier he had been called to the police department, and the policemen stated that the applicant accused him of defamation. A linguistic examination did not reveal the corpus delicti. Then the investigators warned Sasin that they could begin a proceeding under Article 137 of the Criminal Code of the RF which prohibits the violation of privacy.

Sasin calls his videos “a parody of the video blogs of the provincial politicians of the old formation”, in which the narration is made on behalf of a fictional character. The blogger assured that he composed “a collective image, not personal”, but the senator recognized himself in the character. Being in KVN team, Sasin mimicked the Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev, who “reacted positively”, as the humourist says, Mikhailov and his wife came to the team’s performances in Moscow and “applauded from the auditorium.”