OREANDA-NEWS. The members of Russian Federation Council commented on the statement of Estonian parliamentary speaker Henn Polluaas who said that Russia annexed about 5 % of Estonian territory. According to him, the territory must be returned to ratify the border treaty.

Sergei Tsekov, the member of the Federation Council Committee on Foreign Affairs said that Polluaas distracts his attention from pressing issues and creates tension in relations with Russia. According to the senator, Estonia needs to shift attention from old territorial disputes to relations with neighboring states. “They try to revise the past. They need to pay attention to internal problems… to maintaining the stability of world peace. For they raise tension, they can suffer as a small state if tension would lead to… serious confrontation on the world stage. In general, it would be more appropriate for such states to build friendly relations with all their neighbors,” Tsekov said.

Andrei Klimov, the Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on Foreign Affairs, stated that such statements as Polluaas’ cast doubt on Estonia’s right to join NATO. “I think that the NATO leadership needs to put this guy into the corner or even make him accountable, because in this case it turns out that Estonia has illegally joined NATO. NATO does not accept countries that have territorial disputes with their neighbors. Let the NATO examine why it occurred [Polluaas said this. – Ed.]… Maybe he had a bad dream, maybe he quarreled with his wife, maybe he lifted the elbow – I don’t know what happened there,” Klimov said.