OREANDA-NEWS. Former Prime Minister of Moldova, head of the party Action and Solidarity, presidential candidate Maia Sandu said that if she wins the run, she will find a legal way to dissolve national parliament and hold early election.

“If I become president, I will find legal ways to dissolve parliament so that deputies work for the benefit of the people,” Sandu said. The candidate believes that incumbent parliamentarians are not doing their job properly, and the political crisis is affecting the economic situation in Moldova.

Sandu also intends to develop a draft state budget for 2021, which will focus on supporting citizens. She promised to find additional funds by cutting the costs of the presidential administration. According to her, the second possible source of income for the state budget is receiving international grants.

On November 1, presidential election was held in Moldova. According to the Central Election Commission, in the first round Sandu won with 36.16% of votes, she bypassed the incumbent President Igor Dodon, who was supported by 32.61 % og citizens. Since none of the candidates received more than 50 % of votes, the second round will take place on November 15.