OREANDA-NEWS. Former French President Nicolas Sarkozy, speaking at the Gaidar Forum in Moscow, stated that a new international structure could solve security and economic problems of Europe and Asia.

Speaking about the future of Europe and European institutions such as the EU, the euro zone and the Schengen zone, the French politician proposed the idea of ​​a new international organization. “There will be a European economic union, a European political union, a Schengen area. In addition, there will be a new organization in which there would be three founders: the EU, Russia and Turkey,” Sarkozy said. According to him, within this organization, it is necessary to create a forum for resolving issues “from the Atlantic Ocean to Lake Baikal.”

In November, Sarkozy announced the decline of Europe and the need for new ideas. He noted that there are four different European associations: the Schengen zone, the euro zone, the defense union and the EU itself. He advised not to think in obsolete categories and to seek a new goal.