OREANDA-NEWS. The former head of the SBU Investigation Department, Major General Vasily Vovk, said on the Nash TV channel that NATO's interference in the situation in eastern Ukraine could lead to the loss of Kiev's control over several regions of the country's southeast.

Such a result would have been obtained in the event of Russia's participation in the internal Ukrainian conflict and the subsequent retreat of the North Atlantic Alliance, he said.

He explained: "Everyone understands that without NATO we will not win a war anywhere if we go to this war. The first question is: if we are in NATO, will NATO go to war with Russia? The big question. Hardly. Probably not. Now," we have neither Crimea nor a part of Donbass. And we say that we must go to NATO. Nobody will take us to NATO, nobody will protect us in such a situation in the country when we do not have the integrity of the state, there is no integrity of the country's leadership , territory and settlements of the country ".

The Major General stressed that Ukraine is not able to win the war without the participation of the North Atlantic Alliance, however, he argues, this organization will not take part in hostilities.

"It will be worse if we, for example, lead NATO to the right bank, and then they say, as it was in Georgia:" Sorry, we are retreating. "And they will retreat until they will have Kharkov, Donetsk, Kherson, Nikolaev regions ", - said Vovk.