OREANDA-NEWS. Correspondent of RIA Novosti reported that several powerful explosions thundered in the central part of the Belarusian capital. After explosions, accompanied by bright flashes, a large gray cloud of smoke rose. Apparently, stun grenades were used.

On Masherova Avenue, the security forces previously pushed the protesters away from the stele “Minsk – Hero City.” A large number of militia officers continued to press the protesters along the avenue, using stun grenades, tear gas and water cannons. A large group of protesters moved along Independence Avenue from Oktyabrskaya Square to Victory Square. The explosions of flash-bang grenades are heard from different points. Numerous groups of young people move around the center of the city, and car drivers greet them with signals.

During the clashes both the demonstrators and the militiamen were injured.

Protests began in Belarusian cities after the end of voting in the presidential election, in which, according to the latest data, incumbent head of state Alexander Lukashenko is leading. Arrests were conducted in Minsk, Brest and Vitebsk. The Ministry of Internal Affairs assured that it is in full control of the situation in Minsk and other regional capital cities.