OREANDA-NEWSFormer CIA and National Security Agency (NSA) US Edward Snowden, who was granted asylum in the Russian Federation, expressed confidence that the United States and Russia will continue to intervene in the election process. With this statement, he made a podcast of the American comedian, TV presenter and commentator Joe Rogan. A video of the conversation was posted on Wednesday on his YouTube channel.

A former American intelligence officer, in support of his words, cited an article by an American newspaper published in February 2018. Then the author of the material insisted that accusing Russia of interfering in the US presidential election could cause shock only for American citizens who were completely unfamiliar with the methods of work of the special services of their own country.

In 2016, US intelligence agencies accused Russia of interfering in the American election process. For more than two years, the former head of the US FBI, Robert Muller, has been investigating these alleged attempts at influence for almost two years.