OREANDA-NEWS. The Russia Public Opinion Research Center presented the results of a survey on the importance of various amendments to the Constitution.

The most important respondents consider social amendments. As follows from the results of the study, for 95 %, an amendment on ensuring the availability and quality of medical services by the state is important (only 4 % of respondents consider it unimportant). 94 % of respondents consider the amendment to recognize children as a priority of Russia’s state policy important. Next is the amendment on the protection of nature and the preservation of the country’s unique natural diversity: 93 % consider it important.

Political amendments are less important for Russian citizens. According to published data, 64 % of citizens consider the amendment to remove restrictions for those who were the president for two terms to participate as a candidate in the next election to be important. For 27 %, this novelty is unimportant.