OREANDA-NEWS. According to a survey made by the Public Opinion Foundation, 68 % of Russians believe that the Constitution needs to be revised and amended. In 2018, 66 % of respondents adhered to this point of view. 17 % of the survey participants do not consider it necessary to revise the Constitution (20 % last year).

At the same time, 51 % of respondents do not know the basic provisions of the Constitution (46 % know). 40 % of citizens did not read the text of the country’s main law (but 59 % said they read). 47 % of citizens believe that the Constitution does not determine the life of the country, being just a formal document. 43 % disagree with them (last year 46 % and 43 %). 43 % of respondents said that the Constitution helps protect the rights of citizens, 47 % do not think so.

Being asked to evaluate the Constitution, 54 % of Russians called it “good” (53 % in 2018), 22 % “bad” (21 % last year). 56 % of respondents are sure that it is necessary to revise the Constitution periodically in accordance with the requirements of the time (54 % last year), 31 % believe that the basic law of the country should be changed only in exceptional cases (34 % last year).

Respondents who consider it necessary to revise the Constitution were asked what they would like to change. 6 % of them spoke about improving social policy. 5 % proposed amendments aimed at improving people’s living standards. 3 % each spoke about improving the quality of medicine, education, as well as ensuring the protection of the rights of citizens. 2 % each offered abolishing the increase in the retirement age, strengthening the fight against corruption, toughening penalties for crimes, introducing the death penalty, establishment of price controls on food and gasoline, expanding freedom of assembly and freedom of speech, as well as changes related to the President, the parliament, and the government. 1 % each offered to deal with providing affordable housing, to increase the responsibility of officials for their work, to strengthen Russia’s sovereignty, to nationalize natural resources, and to strengthen defense capabilities.

35 % of those who support constitutional amendments found it difficult to clarify what changes should be made.