OREANDA-NEWS. The authorities of Germany intend to introduce new sanctions against Russia if the suspect in the murder of a Georgian citizen in Berlin is convicted. This was reported by the newspaper Spiegel, citing government sources.

“Berlin plans to take new penalty measures against Russia. Sources from the government circles say that at the latest after a verdict is passed in the trial of the murder in Tiergarten, it will be necessary to act together with EU partners and introduce new sanctions,” the publication reads. Authors of the article recall that the court sentence should be announced in March of 2021.

In October, a source in the Russian security forces said that the murdered Zelimkhan Khangoshvili took part in the preparation of a terrorist attack in the Moscow metro and in Beslan in 2004, in 2013 he organized a channel for the supply of terrorists from Georgia to Syria through Turkey.

The Prosecutor’s Office in Berlin charged the Russian citizen Vadim Sokolov with the murder of a Georgian.