OREANDA-NEWSState Duma deputy from the Crimea, Mikhail Sheremet proposed to exchange the Ukrainian military sailors detained for violating the Russian border, in Petro Poroshenko. “Poroshenko was the president of the war. I believe that Poroshenko should be brought to justice, and the Ukrainian sailors should be released. Poroshenko should instead be in prison and answer to the full extent of the law as a war criminal for his criminal orders and provocation planned in Kerch irrigation” - Sheremet said to Russian media.

The deputy expressed the hope that Vladimir Zelensky, becoming the president of Ukraine, will choose the right path for his country - and this, in his opinion, is possible only under the condition of mutually beneficial and "fraternal relations" with Russia.“The Russian Federation does not have a closer position than the Ukrainian people. We are close spiritually and historically, so we want our relations to start developing in a different format. We are ready for dialogue and open discussion,” Sheremet added.

As Zelensky himself declared, the return of the Ukrainian sailors arrested in Russia is “task number one”. That is how he expects to complete the conflict in the Donbass. On Sunday, Ukraine hosted the second round of presidential elections. According to the CEC, Vladimir Zelensky is gaining more than 73 percent of the vote. The current head of state, Petro Poroshenko, has already admitted defeat.

In November 2018, three ships of the Ukrainian Navy violated the state border of Russia and for several hours they dangerously maneuvered, ignoring the legitimate demands of the Russian authorities. Border guards detained violators. On board the ships were 24 military, including two employees of the SBU. The court imprisoned everyone on charges of trespassing.