OREANDA-NEWSTeresa May announced that she had decided to resign as the leader of the ruling British Conservative Party on June 7, but will act as prime minister until the process of selecting a new Tory leader is completed. She made such a statement on Friday at the threshold of her official residence at 10 Downing Street, after meeting with Graeme Brady, head of the 1922 Committee uniting ordinary Tory parliamentarians and deciding on the choice or change of the leader of the ruling Conservative Party.

“On this day, I declare that I am retiring, I am no longer the Prime Minister and the head of the conservative and unionist parties on Friday, June 7,” said May. She added that a new head of government would be chosen soon. “So you can choose a successor. I agreed with the chairman of the party and the chairman of the 1922 Committee that the election of a new leader should begin next week, I fully informed Her Majesty of my intentions and will continue to serve as prime minister until the process is completed. "May said. In concluding her speech, she could not hold back her tears. According to British media, the process of choosing a new party leader may take about six weeks.

The reason why May had to make such a decision was the impossibility of concluding an agreement with the EU on Brexit terms through parliament. The politician had to wage a fierce struggle against tough opposition from his cabinet of ministers regarding his latest Brexit proposals made to ensure that the deal was accepted by the deputies.

“I made every effort to achieve this agreement on the most favorable terms. Unfortunately, I could not do it. This was the third attempt. I believe that it would be right to continue to act, even when the probability of failure was high. But now it is obvious. that the new Premier will deal with this, it will be his concern, ”said May. The politician, who had already promised a few months ago that he would leave his post after the UK “divorced” the European Union, admitted that with regret it would remember its unsuccessful attempt to withdraw the country from the European Union.