OREANDA-NEWS. State Duma Chairman Viacheslav Volodin suggested that the US President, as well as Western politicians and cultural figures, take care of the fate of Julian Assange and Edward Snowden, instead of worrying about the observance of human rights in Russia.

Volodin wrote on his Telegram channel on April 19: “In recent days, the President of the United States, Western politicians and a number of cultural figures have made statements with concern about the observance of human rights in our country. These people are probably very busy, perhaps they do not have enough time to make statements regarding the situation around Julian Assange and Edward Snowden. "

The Speaker of the State Duma noted that Assange and Snowden acted "in the interests of citizens of the whole world - by publishing information and speaking out in defense of human rights."

The parliamentarian noted: "Today Assange, after long years of isolation, is in prison, and it is not known what is happening to him now. Human rights defenders are not allowed to see him, despite the fact that many would like to help him. We do not know his state of health. It is impossible from - for the position of the United States, whose dark deeds and their NATO allies he revealed. He faces at least a life sentence, and at the maximum, we can confidently assume how it will end. " According to him, a similar situation would have been with Snowden, "if he hadn't happened to be on the territory of our country."

"Now, if Assange and Snowden made similar discoveries and publications in relation to Russia, China and a number of other countries that compete or hinder the United States, statements about their protection and glorification as freedom fighters would sound everywhere," he said.

Volodin noted that “Russia proceeds from the principle of non-interference in the affairs of sovereign states.” But in the current situation, it would be correct to assess the actions of the authorities of those countries - the United States, the Baltic States, Ukraine, Great Britain - where human rights are violated, and to support human rights defenders, suffering from these regimes. "