OREANDA-NEWS. The Grand Chamber of the Supreme Court of Ukraine obliged the President of the country, Volodymyr Zelensky, to communicate in Ukrainian, and not in Russian, while on duty.

Earlier, a citizen of Ukraine went to court with a claim against the head of state. He demanded to recognize Zelensky’s communication in Russian during iForum 2019 illegal. The plaintiff asked to oblige the politician to stop using a non-state language. The Court of Cassation of the Supreme Court did not satisfy the claim, but the claimant appealed against this decision.

“Having considered the appeal of the plaintiff, the Grand Chamber of the Supreme Court indicated that while on duty, the President of Ukraine is obliged to communicate in the state language,” the court’s press service informed.

However, Zelensky bears political, not legal responsibility for actions committed in the framework of political activity, and not during the exercise of the powers provided for by the Ukrainian Constitution.