OREANDA-NEWS. Washington's new sanctions will not and cannot affect the Russian economy. So thinks the head of the Duma committee on international affairs Leonid Slutsky.

Slutsky said on the Russia 24 TV channel on Thursday: “The sanctions will not and cannot affect the Russian economy. We are a self-sufficient country, our national economy, despite the problems associated with the pandemic and COVID-19, is growing is getting stronger. "

The United States, having imposed sanctions against Russia two days after the talks of the heads of state, wants to organize a meeting of the presidents in conditions of the most tough pressure on Russia, said Soafed's vice-speaker Konstantin Kosachev.

"In this case, consent to a meeting with the American president will be read as Russia's desire to soften sanctions, due to which the United States will knowingly secure itself a dominant position at the meeting, and our refusal to meet will be a convenient reason for any further punitive measures (" Russia is incapable of negotiating, and we have no choice ")", - said Kosachev.

He stressed that this is "an extremely cynical game, aggressive towards Russia and dangerous for the whole world."

The United States on Thursday introduced new sanctions against the Russian Federation, which include 32 individuals and associations. In addition, new sanctions prohibit US financial institutions from buying Russian government bonds on IPOs after June 14. Washington also announced that it was expelling 10 Russian diplomatic personnel.