OREANDA-NEWS. The agency Armia Inform of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, citing the State Aviation Administration, announced that Kiev for the first time got a fine for flying over Crimea.

This is a fine of approximately 5.9 thousand US dollars, which was voluntarily paid by Euro-Asia Air from Kazakhstan for the flight made in August 2019.

After the annexation of Crimea to Russia in March 2014, Ukraine closed airspace over the peninsula, which Kiev considers to be an occupied territory. Since the entry into force of the ban on flights, it has been violated more than 200 thousand times. More than 40 Russian airlines violated the restrictions. According to data for 2018, several tens of thousands of fines in the amount of more than 210 million dollars were imposed. The State Aviation Administration of Ukraine reported that the total amount of fines imposed on Russian airlines is 13 billion hryvnas (about 560 million dollars).