OREANDA-NEWS. The former head of the headquarters of Navalny in Murmansk, Violetta Grudina, said on Twitter, that unknown people attacked the former headquarters office. The photo she posted showed at least ten holes in the office window at 20 Paparina Street.

According to her earlier she found a target in her mailbox. In early April, Grudina also reported, that the door of the headquarters was filled with mounting foam, and swastikas were painted on it and on the walls inside the office.

Violetta Grudina associated this with the nomination to the Murmansk City Council. Earlier in April, she said, unknown people left in her mailbox a leaflet in which she was called the head of «a gang of inhumans, inciting children to homosexuality and other obscenities».

Violetta Grudina is an activist of the initiative group «Maximum», an organization, that is part of the LGBT-network. She also participated in street actions aimed at supporting the Ukrainian «Euromaidan» in 2014 and published posts on social networks demanding the return of Crimea to Ukraine.