OREANDA-NEWS  The Head of Sberbank German Gref, speaking to the participants of the forum "Leaders of Russia", answered the question that he considers the main problems of Russia. The corresponding master class was broadcast on the official Facebook page of the forum.

German Gref was asked to told about three main, in his opinion, difficulties. "Can I name one?"- asked the head of Sberbank, noting that such a problem, in his opinion, is "the lack of an effective system of public administration." "This is the main thing," Gref said, stressing that if this problem is solved, all the others will be overcome automatically. "Everything else just does not need to be started," he concluded.

The Head of Sberbank is also the Chairman of the Council of the center for strategic development (CSR). In this organization, he leads the working group on public administration.

The issues of competent government with the finalists of the contest "Leaders of Russia" was also discussed by the first Deputy  Head of the presidential administration of Russia Sergey Kirienko. "The first and most important thing for a Manager is the ability to make decisions," he said, speaking at the forum.​

The all-Russian competition of managers "Leaders of Russia" is held for the second year in a row. It is organized by the non — profit organization "Russia is a country of opportunities"since 2018. Participants of "Leaders of Russia" by means of performance of different tasks try to show the leadership qualities and by results to take any leading position. After the first such contest in 2017-2018 appointments in government agencies received 57 people.