OREANDA-NEWS. The Islamic fundamentalist movement «Taliban» has completed negotiations on the future composition of the government in Kabul, it's composition will be announced in the near future. This was reported on Wednesday, September 1, by the Afghan online information portal The Khaama Press News Agency (KPNA). Earlier, similar information was distributed by the Indian English-language TV channel CNN-News18.

According to KPNA, the negotiations under the leadership of Mullah Hebtullah Akhund ended on Monday, August 30. The mullah recently arrived in the capital of Afghanistan from Kandahar province, where he participated in a dialogue with tribal elders, the agency said.

A representative of the fundamentalist movement, Zabiullah Mujahid, said that the composition of the new cabinet of ministers will be announced in the next two weeks. According to Mujahid, the members of the previous governments in Kabul will not enter it, as they failed, and «the people do not want them to be in power anymore».

After taking almost all the provinces of Afghanistan, the militants of the fundamentalist Islamic movement «Taliban» entered Kabul on August 15. The United States, Germany and other states opened an air bridge to evacuate their citizens from Afghanistan, as well as Afghans who cooperated with the EU, NATO and international human rights and humanitarian organizations.