OREANDA-NEWS. Lukashenko’s visit to Russia will take place on Monday, September 14, Dmitry Peskov, press secretary of the Russian President, confirmed to reporters.

“Lukashenko’s visit will indeed take place on Monday, September 14. There will be a working visit, he will have a conversation with President Putin,” Peskov said. The format of the visit does not imply the signing of any documents, as well as the final press conference of the presidents, as it follows from Peskov’s answers to journalists’ questions. “Perhaps we will inform you about the main results of these negotiations,” he added. Only the opening words of the heads of state will be open to the media, Kremlin representative clarified. He refused to say exactly where the negotiations will take place, promising to inform about it in time.

The future meeting of the presidents became known on August 31. Prior to that, Putin and Lukashenko had several telephone conversations, during which they discussed the situation with the protests that have been going on in Belarus since August 9, the day of the presidential election.