OREANDA-NEWS. Dmitry Peskov, a press secretary of the Russian President, denied reports of the movement of Russian military equipment towards Belarus. At the same time, the Kremlin “with regret” ascertained attempts of external interference in the affairs of the neighbouring republic, the politician added.

“Russian military equipment is located on the territory of the Russian Federation. There is nothing to comment on,” Peskov replied to a corresponding question from journalists. He added that the Collective Security Treaty and the Union State Treaty are in force, but the Belarusian side does not need help now.

Peskov stressed that at the moment it is important not to allow any outside influence and interference. “We state with regret that attempts of such interference, direct interference, unfortunately, take place. We consider such interference unacceptable,” the presidential press secretary explained.

Being asked about whether the results of the election held in Belarus will be recognized by the Kremlin administration, and whether new election with the involvement of international observers are needed, Peskov answered: “You know that many observers, many organizations… rejected the mission to observe this election.”