OREANDA-NEWS. The list of potentially dangerous breeds of dogs, the walking of which without leashes and muzzles will be prohibited, can be expanded again.  The Ministry of Internal Affairs proposes to add 22 more breeds to the existing list, thereby increasing it to 35 points.

 The new edition included only 13 positions, in which were Akbash, North Caucasian dog, American gang, pit bullmastiff, ambuldog, gul-dong, bully kutta, bandog and bulldog Alapakhsky thoroughbred.  The list included all wolf-dog hybrids and mixed breeds of the listed breeds.

 “Our proposal is to take as a basis a list of 13 breeds and begin joint consultations on the development of a complete regulatory structure for this institute with subsequent adjustment of certain provisions of the law on responsible handling of animals,” said Vladimir Golubev, President of the Russian Cynological Federation.

 As Vladimir Golubev said, an increase in the number of "dangerous" breeds is not a panacea for irresponsible owners.  On the contrary, this can lead to serious problems with neglected animals, as some owners will simply throw their dogs out onto the street.