OREANDA-NEWS. The New York Times wrote that former senior officials of the administration of US President Donald Trump fear that the head of state, if reelected for a second term, could “finally move to undermine – or even end – the United States’ NATO membership.” According to them, a possible withdrawal from the military bloc will be one of the biggest strategic shifts in years and “the gift of the century” for Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The publication notes that the head of the White House has been thinking about the US withdrawal from NATO since 2018, and before the November election, new evidence confirming his intentions has emerged. The newspaper cites former national security advisor John Bolton who has repeatedly declared Trump’s desire to leave the alliance, former White House chief of staff John Kelly who dissuaded the President from leaving NATO, as well as European diplomats who are also afraid of the US withdrawal from the alliance. According to sources of the newspaper, the latter believe that Trump’s victory in the election would create a sense of emergency throughout Europe.

However, if Trump makes a decision to leave NATO, the US Congress is likely to block it, The New York Times notes.