OREANDA-NEWS Prime Minister of Italy Giuseppe Conte at a press conference for the foreign press announced the need to return Russia to the G8 format.

"Within the framework of the G8, we will be able to consider and solve a number of problems that are now being solved with great difficulty, because there are no all of us at the table," he said.

Conte will visit Russia on October 24. During the visit, he will discuss the international agenda and bilateral relations at the highest level. On Wednesday, the Italian Prime Minister will hold talks in Moscow with Russian President Vladimir Putin and Russian counterpart Dmitry Medvedev. Then he meet with Italian entrepreneurs.

"I have said since the formation of our government that Russia plays a very important role in all international crises. And it is obvious that conducting foreign policy and paying attention not only to" your garden", but also to international scenarios, it is necessary to seek a dialogue with Russia, " the Italian Prime Minister said, answering the question of Russian journalists.

In June, US President Donald Trump said that the G8 with Russia's participation would be useful, because this would increase the productivity of negotiations. Russian President Vladimir Putin said that Russia did not leave the G8, the partners themselves refused to come to Moscow "for known reasons."

Russia was part of the G8 until 2014. After the annexation of Crimea, Western countries did not recognize this decision and refused to participate in the G8 summit, which was to be held in Sochi. The G7 format includes the UK, Italy, France, Germany, USA, Canada and Japan.

Earlier in October, US President Donald Trump noted that he considers the future participation of Russia in discussions affecting global foreign policy issues inevitable. This information was published by US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo during the hearings in the Senate appropriations Committee