OREANDA-NEWS The Russian Embassy in the UK has distributed a report dedicated to the anniversary of the events in Salisbury. The report provides a detailed chronology of the incident, the international response to it, the course of the investigation, diplomatic correspondence between Russia and the UK, as well as inconsistencies in the official British version.

Diplomats pay special attention to the control of "the British special services for media coverage of the investigation, the isolation of the Skripal from the outside world, as well as the numerous violations of international law committed by the UK." Information about the location Skripal the British government does not disclose, denying even the Embassy of the Russian Federation within the legal right of access to Russian citizens.  There is also a second case of poisoning, in June in Amesbury.

The Embassy noted that the British government has not provided an official version of what happened in Salisbury.

At the end of the report, the Embassy provides an impressive list of questions that were sent by the diplomatic mission to the British side, but remained unanswered. We are talking about the condition of the victims and methods of their treatment, the statements about Skripal after discharge, studies of the poisonous substance by the British side. Diplomats note that it remains unclear on what grounds other countries, in particular France, are involved in the investigation of poisoning of Russian citizens.

Recall, Skripal were poisoned by an unknown substance on March 4, 2018 in British Salisbury, later both went on the mend and were discharged from the hospital. British authorities say that they were poisoned developed in the USSR substance "Newcomer". In their opinion, the Russian intelligence is involved in the incident. Moscow denies all charges.

The Guardian newspaper reported that the attendance of tourists in 2018 fell by 14% compared to 2017, in some months this figure reached 25%. That is why, according to the publication, a team of consultants arrived in the city to rebrand Salisbury and try to return the historical town to its former tourist attraction.