OREANDA-NEWS. The Foreign Ministry of the Russian Federation said that the Kiev authorities are continuing the course to a total forcible “Ukrainization” of the country, which is accompanied by discrimination of the Russian language.

“…The Russian language is still subjected to double discrimination, because for the schools with teaching in the languages ​​of national minorities that belong to the languages ​​of the European Union, the transition to the Ukrainian language is delayed until 2023,” the Russian Foreign Ministry says in its commentary. “History teaches that such actions do not lead to good,” the diplomats added. They emphasized that, in spite of the criticisms of the Venice Commission of the Council of Europe regarding the Ukrainian law on education, official Kiev “continues the course taken by the previous authorities towards a total forcible “Ukrainianization”.

This commentary is connected with the statement of the new Minister of Education of Ukraine Anna Novosad who announced that in 2020 all Russian-speaking schools of the country will be transferred into the state language. She also said that minority schools teaching in the languages ​​of the European Union will be transferred to the Ukrainian in September 2023.

Sergei Tsekov, the member of the Federation Council of Russia, commented on the statement by Novosad, saying that such a decision violates the rights of the Russian-speaking population of Ukraine, breaks the articles of Ukraine Constitution, as well as the European Charter for Regional and Minority Languages.