OREANDA-NEWSThe official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova, drew attention to the statements of the well-known American columnist, international relations analyst Farid Zakaria, who repeatedly stated that there was an agreement between Donald Trump and Moscow. Now, after the release of the report of the special prosecutor Robert Muller, who in the end did not find signs of such a conspiracy, Zakharova offered the journalist to apologize both to her compatriots and to the citizens of the Russian Federation.

In addition, the diplomat published on Facebook a link to Zakaria’s speech on CNN’s television channel, a news release of November 2017. There he talks about "obvious facts" that allegedly prove the Kremlin’s interference in the US electoral process. According to Maria Zakharova, all such commentators who produce fake content on a global scale should “apologize for everything they have said over the years.” And not only before Trump, but, above all, before the citizens of the two countries. To American citizens for "stupid single-track propaganda," and to Russians for "endless mud-bathing."

Earlier, on Sunday, March 24, the US Department of Justice published the results of an investigation by Special Prosecutor Robert Muller, who found no evidence of a collusion between Republican Donald Trump’s campaign headquarters and Russia in the 2016 elections.
For the first time, accusations of conspiracy were voiced after Trump's victory in the presidential election. The Democratic Party, whose candidate Hillary Clinton lost, said that Russia allegedly influenced the elections.

Moscow has repeatedly denied the accusations, citing their lack of evidence and calling them an internal struggle in the United States.