OREANDA-NEWS   Russia comes to the defense of the Northern Sea Route. The government has developed rules for the passage of foreign warships on it. US representatives have repeatedly stated that they are also interested in the NSR (Northern Sea Route) and Russia "has no right to dictate its terms there." However, with the adoption of the new rules, the situation will change.

Military ships and vessels will now have to notify Russia of their plans for 45 days and be sure to take on Board Russian pilots. The passage may be denied, and in the case of unauthorized traffic on the NSR, according to experts, Russia will be able to apply emergency measures until the arrest or destruction of the vessel.

The rules were developed because of the "activation in the Arctic zone of naval activities of various States." They are aimed at maintaining control over the environment and commercial shipping.

Just on Wednesday, the commander of the European command of the US armed forces, General Curtis Skaparotti, said during a hearing in the Senate that "the United States is ready to restrain Russia in the Arctic", as they have a "resource and commercial interest" in the NSR.

Special interest in the Russian North of the United States and other NATO countries have long been and are not limited to words. Last year on the North Sea route without warning was the French Navy logistics ship "Rhone". The commander of the ship then declared that the purpose of a hike was "development of our knowledge of the region".

The expert warned about the disagreement of the West with the restriction on the passage of the North Sea Route.

Ships with cruise missiles on Board, passing through the North Sea route, pose a serious threat to Russia, as they hold at gunpoint virtually all military and political centers of the country.

In the current international situation, control over the NSR of Russia is simply necessary, Deputy Chairman of the state Duma Committee on international Affairs Alexei Chepa said  .

According to the President of the Center of global interests in Washington Nikolai Zlobin, the new rules of passage of the NSR are a continuation of a consistent policy. 

The North Sea Route is the shortest sea route between the European part of Russia and the Far East. President Vladimir Putin in his May decree set a goal-to increase the turnover of the NSR to 80 million tons by 2024.