OREANDA-NEWS  The State Duma, in plenary on Tuesday, passed a law aimed at protecting the lives of children from Columbine communities and promptly identifying criminals involving minors in dangerous activities.

The draft law was submitted to the lower house in may this year by the Vice-speaker of the state Duma Irina Yarova.

The project proposes to fill a gap in the legislation already providing for a procedure for rapid response to the dissemination of information on ways to commit suicide, as well as calls for suicide, by including in this list information aimed at inducing children to commit illegal acts that pose a threat to their lives and the lives of others.

In addition, it is assumed that the blocking will be subject not only to information that is aimed at involving children in the Commission of illegal actions that pose a threat to their life or health, but also content that incites actions that are dangerous to the life or health of others.

It is assumed that the hosting provider will be obliged to immediately restrict access to such Internet resource in case of inaction of the site owner.

Columbine communities promote the ideas of American teenagers Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, who staged a shooting at the school "Columbine" (Colorado) April 20, 1999. The victims of the attack then were 13 people.

In the end of November, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed three laws on conducting in 2019-2028 in Moscow, Moscow region, Kaluga region and Tatarstan experiment, providing for the introduction of a tax on professional income (NAP) for self-employed citizens. This is stated in the documents that appeared on the portal of legal information.