OREANDA-NEWS  The vote on a vote of confidence in the incumbent Prime Minister Stefan Lofven in the Swedish parliament took place on Monday, broadcast on the Internet. Most of the deputies - 181 out of 349 people - expressed no confidence in the head of government.

The possibility of a vote of no confidence is spelled out in the 1974 Constitution. Since then, the Riksdag has voted eleven times on this issue and always negatively. Thus, Stefan Leuven became the first prime minister in history who received a vote of no confidence.

On June 17, the populist Swedish Democrats (SD) party demanded a parliamentary vote on confidence in the prime minister. Earlier, the leader of the Left Party, Nushi Dadgostar, said that she did not trust Leuven because of the government's proposal to introduce market prices for rental housing in new houses. The Christian Democratic and Moderate coalition parties also voted against the prime minister in parliament.

After the vote, Leuven will either have to resign or call early elections.