OREANDA-NEWS. The increase in tension on the territory of Taiwan due to the actions of the United States may end in a global war. This is the opinion of the authors of the material published in the Chinese newspaper «Global Times». We are talking about the statement of the US State Department about the «provocative military actions» of the PRC, to which Taiwan responded with gratitude.

According to the authors, an extremely dangerous situation is developing in Taiwan as a result of «collusion» with the United States, which has lost «all room for maneuver, balancing on the verge of confrontation». They also warn the island against «playing with fire» and claim that the people of China are ready for war.

Relations between Taiwan, which considers itself an independent state, and the PRC, which refers the island to it's territory, escalated on October 1 and 2. These days, Chinese fighter jets and bombers have invaded Taiwan's airspace.

After that, American President Joe Biden recalled a telephone conversation with his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping, which took place in early September. In it, the heads of state agreed to comply with previously concluded agreements regarding the island.