OREANDA-NEWS. The US Congressional Research Service has proposed a new method of reducing Russia's influence — by reducing interest in Russian weapons on the world market. Analysts called for the development of new mechanisms, after the introduction of which the Russian defense industry will experience difficulties, which will lead to it's further isolation. Details of the report on the plans that the service is ready to develop were published by RT.

What strategies can the United States follow to make Russian weapons less attractive? To what extent should we offer the export of our own weapons to countries considering the possibility of acquiring Russian weapons? this issues are the main, that voiced in the document.

According to the experts who prepared the report, armament is the main means of promoting Russia's foreign policy interests. It is with his help that Moscow weakens Washington's influence on the world stage. A number of US congressmen expressed the opinion that thanks to arms sales, Russia is conducting «aggressive and malicious activities» and also contributes to the incitement of regional conflicts.

At the same time, the sanctions imposed against the Russian Federation show their inefficiency so far. Restrictive measures only contribute to the growth of negative attitudes among importing countries and cause reputational damage to Washington. This is due to the fact that quite a large number of states prefer to purchase Russian weapons, so they will not be able to give it up immediately.