OREANDA-NEWS. US President Donald Trump said during the final pre-election debate that his rival Joe Biden received 3.5 million dollars from Russia through its leader Vladimir Putin. The head of state linked this with good relations with the former mayor of Moscow and his wife. Earlier, Republican senators accused Joe Biden’s son Hunter of receiving 3.5 million dollars from Yelena Baturina, widow of ex-mayor of Moscow Yury Luzhkov.

“Joe got 3.5 million dollars from Russia. And it came through Putin because he was very friendly with the former mayor of Moscow, and it was the mayor of Moscow’s wife. […] Your family got 3.5 million dollars. Someday you’re going to have to explain why,” Trump said. At the same time, the head of the White House stated in response to the counter accusations that he himself had never received money from Russia.

Biden has denied any allegations of receiving foreign funding.

During the debate, Trump stated that the Russian Federation wants him to be defeated in the presidential election. The same was said by Biden about himself.