OREANDA-NEWS. US President Donald Trump approved a plan for the redeployment of 9.5 thousand American troops from Germany.

This was announced by Pentagon spokesman Jonathan Hoffman. According to him, on June 29, Secretary of Defense Mark Esper and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark Milley informed the head of state about plans for withdrawal of troops. It is noted that the proposal approved not only complies with the presidential directive, but also strengthens containment of Russia, improves strategic and operational flexibility of the United States in Europe.

In early June, Trump promised to reduce the number of US troops in Germany due to the fact that Berlin, in his opinion, does not pay enough for the deployment of the military. He informed that the contingent could be reduced from 35 thousand to 25 thousand people.

At the same time, the Democratic Party of the USA introduced a bill to Congress urging not to allow the withdrawal of the military from Europe, since this would endanger the Europeans from Russia.