OREANDA-NEWS. US President Donald Trump called the riots in the city of Kenosha (Wisconsin State), which broke out after the police several times shot at Afro-American Jacob Blake, “domestic terrorism.”

“Violent mobs demolished or damaged at least 25 businesses, burned down public buildings and threw bricks at police officers – which your police officers won’t stand for. And they didn’t stand for it,” the politician said during a security roundtable in Kenosha. “These are not acts of peaceful protest but, really, domestic terror,” Trump added.

The head of state also informed that the White House administration had agreed with the Wisconsin authorities on the possibility of bringing National Guard officers into Kenosha. In addition, Trump said he supports the involvement of the National Guard in other American towns and cities.

On August 23, police officers shot seven times at 29-year-old Blake, when, according to several media reports, he tried to separate two quarreling women. The wounded man was taken to the hospital in serious condition. After the incident, mass protests broke out in Kenosha. During the riots a week ago, two people were killed, and one person was seriously injured in a shootout. Later, the governor of the state, Tony Evers, ordered to send 500 National Guard servicemen to Kenosha as reinforcements for the 250 law enforcement officers who had already arrived in the city.