OREANDA-NEWS Former US President Donald Trump said that Russia's ongoing special operation in Ukraine was a surprise to him, as he was sure that a high concentration of Russian troops on the border with Ukraine was required for negotiations.

«I thought that Russian President Vladimir Putin was negotiating in this way when he sent the military to the border... I thought it was a tough but smart way to negotiate. I thought he was going to make a good deal, as everyone does, with the United States, and other people are determined to negotiate, as is the case with any trade deal», – said Trump in an interview with the American magazine Washington Examiner.

The former US President called Moscow's decision to launch a special operation in Ukraine «very sad for the whole world». Trump said that he was the one who was «very tough» in relations with Putin, but noted that he got along well with him at the same time.

Earlier, former US President said that he was confident that representatives of the Republican Party would regain power in the presidential elections in 2024. The politician said this during a meeting with supporters in Florence, South Carolina. He also announced the threat of a Third World War because of the situation in Ukraine. The reason, he said, is that «no one from the current administration can talk» with the Russian leadership, in particular with President Vladimir Putin.