OREANDA-NEWS. The campaign headquarters of US President Donald Trump used images of Russian military airplanes and assault rifles in their campaign video. This was reported by the newspaper Politico.

In video material entitled Make America Great Again, released on September 8, the authors urge citizens to support US troops and vote for Trump. The final shots show the silhouettes of three soldiers and three fighter jets against the sunset sky.

According to US aircraft designer, Pierre Sprey, and director of the Centre for Analysis of Strategies and Technologies in Moscow, Ruslan Pukhov, the aircrafts are Russian fighters MiG-29. Pukhov also said that one of the soldiers is holding an assault rifle AK-74. Politico noted that the image used in the election video is a free photo from one of the Internet stocks.

The presidential election in the United States is scheduled for November 3. The current president, 74-year-old Donald Trump from the Republicans and 77-year-old Democrat Joe Biden are running for the post of head of the White House.